At Newcomer’s Chapel, we support many Missionaries and Missions with financial donations, as well as personal donations of food, clothing, etc. We have a “Missions Table” across from the Pastor’s Office with folders containing information on those we support.  Many of these Mission organizations have a website or Facebook page, which are linked from our website; you’ll find them on our Links of Interest page. Check them out!

For a complete listing of our current projects, download a copy of our Newsletter from the Resources page.


We support the Canton Calvary Mission through collections of a variety of items.

We support The Fairless Clergy Association and its Fairless Food / Clothing Cupboard by collecting canned goods, dry food and personal items.

We collect diaper coupons year-round to assist families of infants.

We  support the Fairless and Tuslaw School Districts and the Massillon Salvation Army with much-needed school supplies.

We collect empty ink jet and laser cartridges. We receive credit for each cartridge and use the credit for church office supplies.

mission-trips.jpgEach year, we become “the hands and feet of Jesus” by orgainizing mission trips. A group of adults make their annual trip to Red Bird Mission in southeastern Kentucky. Momentum Youth organizes local mission trips to assist area residents.


In partnership with Hannibal United Methodist Church, we co-sponsor the mission and vision of Bethel Gospel Church of Hyderabad, India. Through World Orphans, we organize bi-annual trips to India for a hands-on experience.

little-thingsOur Mission Team does a special card mailing to all members for their birthday, any illness or sympathy and other special occasions.

Visiting, ministering and assisting our friends and loved ones currently in nursing homes, hospitals or homebound.

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